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Gisli Bergmann

Dalston Underground Studios will sadly cease operating at 28 Shacklewell Lane from March 2015. The studio waiting list has now closed.

Thank you to all artists who have had a space here, we felt it could not continue if charged unreasonable rents. Although agreeing to necessary works the landlord proposed to increase the rent for the new lease to an amount excessive for a not-for-profit studio group.

Dalston Underground Studios space was initially found by Josie McCoy who with other Central Saint Martins MA Fine Art graduates
Margaret Anderton, Julia Dogra-Brazell and Calum F Kerr decided to rent it with fellow artists. The studios were initially managed by Margaret Anderton and have been managed by Calum F Kerr since 2002. Other co-leaseholders over the intervening years include Russell Chater and David McKeran. Over 60 artists have had studios over the duration, with typically around 12 in occupation at one time.

The 'Current Artists' links display details of those in occupation during the final quarter of the studios.

We will give Dalston Underground Studios a good send-off and any future plans will appear here. If you know of potential studio spaces or have any relevant enquiries please email: dalstontenyears @ yahoo.co.uk

Click here to see photos of artists from Dalston Underground exhibiting in the Rio Cinema Basement as part of At Home With the Ludskis 3: Winter Garden Edition on Saturday 14th January 2012 from 11.30pm to 3am!

Click here for photos of the studios at the Dalston Underground Open Weekend 2011 on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th March 2011. There are also photos from the 10th anniversary exhibition of current and previous studio holders held at the Boleyn Boys Hall on 5th November 2010.

Dalston Underground Studios has been a partner in Atelier, the Artquest International Studio Exchange Programme
- www.artquest-artelier.com


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